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Creating Bicycle Innovation Lab

In 2011 Lasse was the leading force in creating the world's first Cultural house for bicycles. Establishing the organisation - consisting of a bicycle library, focusing on changing travel behavior, urban bicycle planning exhibition, and much more. Brought together inventors, planners, schools and creators of everything bike.

Urban Planning:

Walking and Cycling in Sopot

With local partners we made a process paper on how Sopot can change its modal shift towards more cycling and walking through citizen participation and careful planning, piloting and prototyping of streets.


We make bicycle parking designs.

Here Furesø bicycle Bollard.

You have physical interactions with objects. The tactile sensations and look tells you if you are dealing with an quality object, that will take good care of your bicycle and appreciates that you came here by bicycle. Made in collaboration with HOE360

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A chance to work with your challenges, tailored to your needs. Get input on best practice solutions for cycling and walking or how to approach cycling in your city or neighborhood.

Cycling Masterclass - with workshop Danish Embassy in Dublin, Ireland.
Workshop on the 17 SDGs at United Nations City, Copenhagen, DK.
Bicycles + Technology, IT University, Copenhagen, DK